SOttoSOpra – Rabat

SOttoSOpra – Rabat

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SOttoSOpra – Rabat C’est un restaurant basé sur un concept de Nicola CADDEO – Stefano OLIVIERO – Matteo FANESI

Basé en plein centre Hassan, il vous offre un large choix en terme de  spécialités Italiennes !


Definitivo Black Rabat



Tel : 0537.73.15.07

SOttoSOpra 10, rue Al Marj – Hassan – RABAT



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  2. Feeling disappointed and frustrated after i’ve read so many positive comments on the food. The waiters are simple amateurs, we were charged extra drinks that we have never ordered,and to top it all, the manager and one of the waiters were extremely rude to us when we said we are not okay with the Bill. No wonder why it is always empty!!

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  4. Excellent place we had a very good time with the barmens and their fruity cocktails :)) gogo SoSo

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